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Crisis Management

When a company is in crisis, it is usually at the stage where it cannot meet its obligations, when pressure on senior management intensifies, and where the risks involved in making routine decisions increase dramatically.  AdGen Telecom moves quickly in these situations to understand and stabilize the situation, both from a management and technical standpoint.  AdGen Telecom is able to address the management, operational, technological and other departmental divisions of a company in a comprehensive basis. AdGen Telecom  performs an initial needs assessment analysis, which coordinates input from various key members of the company.  This analysis allows AdGen Telecom to outline a primary list of critical and non-critical issues which merit consideration.  AdGen Telecom then develops a set of strategies linked to each specific critical issue, obtains a core group of participants to implement each strategy, and establishes a management and evaluation team to monitor the progress, continuity, and the coordination of strategy implementation.  Once the immediate crisis has been brought under control, AdGen Telecom focuses on making sure that the essential control mechanisms are put in place.


When necessary, AdGen  Telecom can deploy a full-time CEO, COO, CTO, or Chief Restructuring Officer (CRO) with first-hand operational and leadership experience.  Once stability is achieved and pressures are reduced,  AdGen Telecom works closely with senior managers and other stakeholders to develop and implement strategies for continuous improvement that meet the expectations of all parties involved.

Our services include:

  • Business stabilization

  • Cash flow analysis and management

  • Management team and organization evaluation

  • Interim management

  • Line of Business viability analysis

  • Network design and architecture

  • Build out project management

  • Vendor management services

  • Evaluation of systems and controls

  • Conversion of non-performing lines of business to cash



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