FAA AirSpace Analysis

AirSpace analysis is often performed for Greenfield sites and existing structures to determine if the proposed structure height would interfere with instrument approach procedures. FAR Part 77 and TERPS are the basis for airspace analysis. While these rules and standards are complex and can be difficult to explain to sponsors of proposed towers and buildings, a study and report can show any potential problems to air navigation safety.

FAA Notification for a proposed new structure or for alterations to an existing structure is not always required. However, a determination is recommended for any new tower or any alterations to existing structures in order to maximize liability protection and provide peace of mind. To obtain an FAA determination, an FAA notification is required. This requires the preparation and submission of an FAA Form 7460 along with supporting documents. Along with the form’s submission to the responsible FAA office, monitoring the progress of the FAA’s study and ensuring its completion is part of the service.


  • Form Filings – 7460-1, 7460-2
  • Search Area Ring (SAR) Analysis
  • AM Screening
  • Opinion Letter
  • State Filing (s)
  • Tracking Service
  • Expert Witness
  • FCC Registration
  • FCC Notification