Program and Project Management

Since the early inception of wireless technology, AdGen’s professional staff have specialized in providing program, project management and other related solutions to the wireless telecommunications industry. For more than 30 years, AdGen’s made the mobile wireless industry its primary focus. Our program and project management services are able to support any size project. The implementation of a mobile wireless network requires intimate knowledge of the technology, equipment (both hardware and software) and information technology. Leveraging an outside experienced professional wireless program and project manager enables a client’s internal staff to focus on their primary responsibilities, with the client also gaining a wide range of expertise at their disposal.

Project Manager’s primary responsibilities includes:-

  • Coordination of all project tasks and resources
  • Management of the project from the beginning to the end
  • Track the project
  • Maintain project plan
  • Provide progress report
  • Maintain project plan
  • Document deviation and access impact
  • Report problems and time delay
  • Maintain and acquire client’s approval for job change orders
  • Provide, maintain and monitor actual costs and compare to budget
  • Facilitate project acceptance